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Frederick Energy Products LLC

Manufacturers of the HIT-NOT Proximity Detection System

Proximity Detection

Frederick Energy Products, L.L.C. -  1769 Jeff Road  -   Huntsville, AL 35806   -   Phone: 256-489-6915



Frederick Energy Products, LLC (FEP) is a technology company, formed by Larry D. Frederick in 1995 using hand-picked, proven technical people who worked on major space projects that he managed.

Two other companies Geosteering Mining Services, LLC (GMS) and Frederick Mining Controls, LLC (FMC) were subsequently formed, comprising the Frederick Companies.

The Frederick Companies developed and patented technologies that include gamma radiation detectors for the oil and gas drilling industry and the HIT-NOT® Family of proximity protection systems to  warn against collisions between moving vehicles and pedestrians and between moving vehicles.

A brief history of  the development of HITNOT® technology is offered by selecting “Historical Milestones” above.  


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HITNOT Website

According to OSHA, forklifts strike pedestrians everyday, resulting in 100 deaths annually or one death every 3 days.  Serious injuries number over 90,000.