2008: Collision Avoidance and Traffic Control Systems

Collision Avoidance, using Magnetic Fields, was made possible by placing both a generator and an alarm device on vehicles.  The generator on one vehicle produces a magnetic field which is then detected and measured by the alarm device on a second vehicle.  The second vehicle can also have a generator that produces a magnetic field that is detected and measured by an alarm device on the first vehicle.  The size of the fields produced for each vehicle may be adjusted differently, based on its speed, size and/or ability to slow down.  For very large vehicles or machines, generators and alarm devices may be installed on both ends of the vehicle or machine.  These systems may also be arranged so as to control traffic in and around dangerous areas and intersections.

Refer to Patents # 8,169,335 and # 8,552,882, as well as non-US Patents and Pending Applications.

The various inventions disclosed in previous Frederick Patents are important to making the Collision Avoidance both effective and reliable.

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