2007: Magnetic Field System Developed for Complex Operational Environments

Complex operational environments in which multiple machines and multiple pedestrians pose additional challenges to proximity detection systems.  Magnetic field generators on each machine must produce multiple fields each second in order to be responsive.  Personal Alarm Devices in range of the generators must respond to the fields.  With increasing numbers of active elements, the probability of conflicts typically grow exponentially.  Conflicts are much greater if the magnetic fields and responses are required to carry information such as I.D.s or safety information.  

This problem with conflicts between signals is solved by using Shaped Fields, which is a combination of timing innovations, in combination with the earlier inventions.  Shaped Fields are produced by sequentially generating magnetic fields.  This allows detection of pedestrians and vehicles in an unlimited number of field shapes and configurations.  See Patents # 8,232,888 and 8,847,780 for additional details.  

In later years, as the technology has been adapted to a wide variety of industrial situations, these system design choices and innovations have been crucial to even more complex mechanized areas where other devices are needed to also be operated in a work area.  

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